Corrugated Cardboard Flower Printing

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Recycled crafts are great and this one is a winner!

Corrugated cardboard can be found all over the place, it’s used to strengthen packaging – so if you are ever at Ikea it’s abundant!! It comes in different thicknesses too!

You can also buy it off the shelf – like this.

We have included a step by step instruction video at the end of the page!

Printing activities are wonderful! Younger children will enjoy the repetitive nature of stamping each flower without any specific goal in mind. Older children will appreciate the design aspect of creating flowers with a piece of cardboard – and will often want to use the same stamp with different colors to see how many different results they can get from the same beginning. Children who need a boost in confidence love printing as there is no wrong result, it is easy!

Corrugated cardboard flower printing materials:

Corrugated cardboard flower printing instructions:

  • First, we made the flower stamps by rolling different lengths of cardboard. Tape works best to keep it together once rolled!
  • We used the side of a piece of cardboard to create our stems and started printing.
  • In the center of some of the flowers, we added a stamp too!
  • Full instruction video below!

Here are some more wonderful flower ideas:

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