Cotton Ball Fall Tree Printing

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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This cotton ball fall tree printing is such a fun project to do with kids and it creates the most amazing fall trees!

Super easy to set up! We like that!! You can paint your own tree or download one of these tree templates…

It also involves printing or dabbing the cotton balls onto the paper. Children are learning to hold different shaped instruments in their hands and print with them – paint side down. Co-ordination is key!

Printing activities are wonderful! Younger children will enjoy the repetitive nature of stamping each leaf without any specific goal in mind. Older children will appreciate the design aspect of creating leaves with a cotton ball– and will often want to use the same stamp with different colors to see how many different results they can get from the same beginning.

Children who need a boost in confidence love printing as there is no wrong result, it is easy!

We have made several other fall trees, all of the ideas work with the free printable tree templates:

Cotton Ball Fall Tree

What materials do you need to make this wonderful cotton ball fall tree?

  • Cardboard or paper – we used an A3 size / 11.0 / 17.0 inch
  • Paint – we use paint like these, in fall colors.
  • Cotton balls and something to hold them – we used wooden pegs

How to create your own fall tree?

Have a look at the video below! It is super easy.

Print our your tree template or paint your own tree, add a splash of fall color paint to a plate, clip your cotton balls onto the wooden pegs and get printing!

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Cotton Ball Fall Tree
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