Diamond and Jewel Art – Sensory Play

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Sensory Play and Imaginative Fun in one great children’s activity that will keep them busy for ages!

This was a fantastic ‘quiet’ activity – that started one way and ended somewhere completely different.

Diamonds and Jewels Imaginative Play

I learnt two things about Emma during this game;


1. She sees everything as art – something that needs to be completed – and then hands get raised in the air with a delighted “finished” squeal accompaniment.


2. She’s secretly a Bower Bird. Yes, that’s right! A Bower Bird. You know the birds who create the most spectacular nests, and every things is just so…




I set up a themed table for her to explore “diamonds and jewels.” My intention was for her to feel the textures, mix the different objects together, put them into the little jars I provided, scoop them up with the spoons…

This is always my favorite moment. The first look she gets at an activity. She always looks and looks before diving in, and I know I am on the right track when she mutters something along the lines of “wow” or “fun.”


Jewels and Diamond Imaginative Play


I had provided a little silver tray – to add to the theme – and with the intention of creating something she might like to stand the little jars on. Emma saw this as a canvas!

And she started making “paintings.” Scooping one or two jewels at a time, she arranged them onto the tray very carefully.


Diamonds and Jewels Art and Imaginative Play



Once finished the first one, she raised her arms and said “wa laa.” I praised her on her nice art and tipped the jewels back into the container…

Big Mistake…and this is where the Bower Bird comes into the story. She told me in no uncertain terms that I had just destroyed her picture. So she did it again… just so…

And then I had to find more trays…….


Diamonds and Jewels -07


And ‘more please.’


Diamonds and Jewels -08


And only then, once we had completed all the design work, did we get feeling!



Imaginative and Sensory Play


A quick color sorting activity to tidy up, and we were all happy!


Diamonds and Jewels -10


I used my glass vase decorations and some plastic diamonds I have, you could use anything sparkly and shiny.

I love activities that become something else – surprises for Mom!

I just love watching and learning as this little brain works!

Sensory Play Activity for Children. Diamonds and Jewels also become art - if you let them!



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