DIY Bath Salts – with Child Made Gift Jar

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Lemon and Lime Bath Salts

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we would share one of our gift ideas – something that can be made – with love – for Mom or Granny, or a friend or teacher!

We have combined a little Art and Craft with Bath Salts making!

This is such an easy gift to make – both the jar and the bath salts, and it is something that anyone would enjoy receiving – with LOVE of course!

Ingredients and Materials for Child Made Bath Salts


  1. 1 Cup Epsom salts + 1 Cup Sea Salt (or Himalayan salt)
  2. 20 drops Citrus Essential Oils or 10 drops each of Lemon Oil and/or Lime Oil. You can also just use Lemon Oil.
  3. 2 heaped Tablespoons 1 each – Lemon and Lime Zest
  4. Optional – 2 tiny drops of Yellow Food Coloring
  5. A plastic jar – can be recycled from something else! You could also use a glass jar with glass pens.
  6. Felt Tipped Permanent Markers
  7. String / Twine / Ribbon to finish…
  8. Optional – gift tag…
  9. Bowl or Plastic baggie to mix it all in…

Once you have all the ingredients gathered you are ready to start!

Making the jar for our Valentines Day Bath Salts

We first decorated the plastic jar, with permanent marker pens.

Emma drew a picture of Mom on the lid and then shaded in the rest.

I like the ‘gaps’ in-between her coloring – as it allows you to see the bath salts through the blocks of color.

I wanted to make something that Moms and Grannies everywhere would really love – and still really be able to show the child’s influence in the making – this is why I love the Child decorated jar!

Shaking Up the Bath Salts

How to make the Lemon and Lime Bath Salts…

  1. We made our bath salts in a plastic baggie – you can also follow the same steps in a bowl.
  2. Add the essential oils and food coloring at the start. Mix them together a little. The food coloring is optional – and only requires two little drops!!
  3. If you are using citrus oil – then 20 or drops should be plenty. If you are mixing Lemon and Lime, I would use 10 drops of each.
  4. Mix it all together with a big shake shake shake!! Kids love this part. This is the big advantage of using a plastic baggie – its mess free and so easy…. and you get to dance while you shake it up!!
  5. Add the salts to the Jar and finish off with decorations – string / twine / ribbon and a personalized gift tag.
  6. Make sure the jar is sealed – so the oils can work their way into the salts!

Child Made Valentines Gift

There you go! An easy project – made with lots of love, that include some health and relaxing benefits for Mom or Granny – or a friend or teacher of course!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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Lemon and Lime Bath Salts - Made for Mom on Valentines Day

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