DIY Chalkboard Paint Gift Jar for Father’s Day

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Fathers day diy chalk paint gift jar


This is a great Gift Idea for Dad – we made this last year!

Dads absolutely LOVE their OWN STASH!!

Make a great little jar and fill it with their favorite things – Chocolates, Cookies, Biltong (South African Beef Jerky) what ever… anything they love!!

(WARNING – you may have to sit and watch Dad eat it all – making those snorting kind of sounds of course – you know the ‘you can’t have any kind!’)


All you need is a glass jar, primer (this is optional – we used this as we wanted the chalk paint to last) and chalk/blackboard paint.

Find your old glass jars…


Glass Jar Chalk Paint Craft


Paint them (or part of them) with primer and wait for it to dry!

Once dry, paint on the blackboard paint… and wait (again) for it to dry.


DIY Chalk Paint Fathers Day Jar



Once dry add decorations and tags, we used string and bakers twine for the top and added a little blue card table.

Emma wrote her message to Dad on the side with chalk…


DIY Fathers day gift jar


Dad will love this!

When the contents are finished and Father’s Day is long forgotten you can always use the jar again – for anything, that’s the advantage of having a wipe off chalk board on the side!!


Happy Father’s Day!


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