DIY Christmas Decoration Keepsake

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The best part about Christmas is the Christmas Tree – so these Footprint Decorations are extra special!

Christmas Tree Footprint

These are toooooo cute, and very special!

I used salt dough to make these! You can find my salt dough recipe here…

Once the dough was made, I rolled it out (about 1cm thick) we stepped on it and I shadow cut around the foot.

Once dry, Emma painted both hers and her brothers and sprinkled a little glitter so it is ‘shiny!” We used acrylic paints.

Christmas Tree Salt Dough Footprint Decoration

I finished them both off with a little spray varnish.

These make such fantastic gifts! Ours are on the tree already!

More Footprint Inspiration?

Beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration - made from salt dough
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