DIY Flower Stamps

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We often make our own stamps – and these easy DiY Flower Stamps are great for all kinds of projects!

Lids we found in our magic box (recycling), and flower foam stickers we bought – available everywhere!

Easy, fun and made from all those corks and lids you have in your recycling, these flower stamps are such a nice addition to your craft kit!



DiY ReCycled Stamps


To make the stamp handles we collected corks and lids – the bigger the better.

Tall lids from the washing soap and fabric softener worked well!

Tall lids means you can easily hold them in your hands – slightly better than bottle tops.

diy flower stamps - how to make these easy craft accessory

I hot glued the flower stamps onto the top of the lids…


And then we stamped!

For a very long time.

The foam stickers make stamping a slightly squidgy affair – but a fun one and a beautiful one if we may say so…

DiY Stamped Flowers



We used these flower pictures for the backdrop to our teachers thank you cards – and stuck our coffee filter origami butterflies onto them!

Turned out great!

Make your own flower stamps

Stamps are so easy to make and so easy to use!

I know that children love stamping – with anything!!

Foam stickers can be bought by the millions – here are our some of our favorite flower foam stickers…



DiY Recycled Flower Stamps - easy to make and use.

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