DiY Hama Bead Christmas Gift Cards

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Making your own Christmas cards always adds that something extra special!!

We love everything handmade at Christmas – so it is always great when you can combine a great little craft activity with greeting card making!

These Hama Bead cards are perfect for slightly older kids and grown ups to make – Hama Beads are actually very tricky – and small, I would only really give them to children that are 4 years and older!

Emma has been sorting the beads into colors since she was about 2 – but to actually use them on the boards, … tricky…

Hama Bead Christmas Gift Cards

What do you need to make Hama Bead Gift Cards?

  • Hama Beads or Melty Beads or Perler Beads
  • The boards – that usually come with your first set (we have used a heart shape, round and square)
  • Iron
  • Cardboard – for the greeting cards – or ready made blank gift cards
  • Any strong Glue – I used my Glue Gun to stick them on – this way I know they will not fall off…

Hama Bead Christmas Greeting Cards

You can of course make any shapes you prefer – you can even buy Christmas Themed Hama Bead Boards if you like.

I made Presents, a Candy Cane and a Christmas Bauble.

How to make Hama Bead Christmas Cards

The presents are easy – as they are square – as you can see from the drawing above! Create your own!!

The Bauble is also easy on a round Hama Board – just remember not to make the actual ball all the way to the sides – as you need a ‘hanger’ at the top that needs to pop out a bit! I made the ball 2 rows short of the edge, so my hanger at the top (in red) is 3 rows deep!

The candy cane is best made on a heart – it works perfectly. I alternated the red and white beads for a red and white striped effect.

Melty Bead Christmas Greeting Cards

Once I  ironed the beads together to form my little shapes, (don’t forget the wax paper) I stuck them onto a selection of cardboard – that I had already folded into a card.

I used a square shape card for the presents and the candy cane and a slightly longer standing card for the bauble – and to this one I added a ‘pencil string’ for the bauble to hang’ on.

These really do look great on a card!

I made a whole bunch so I will also be using some as gift tag embellishments when I wrap my gifts! They work a treat for that too!!

If you are looking for other ideas for these super little beads, in summer we made watermelon coasters – a great gift idea, and very pretty!

Easy to make DiY Christmas Greeting Cards - Great Hama Bead Craft Project for Kids and Adults


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