DIY Rainbow Walked Apron

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Rainbow walked Apron. Great kids footprint gift idea.



Some time ago we ‘walked a rainbow!”

It was so much fun, I knew we were going to have to do it again – this time using something that was more permanent than a loooooong piece of paper!


So we found fabric paints and fabric and repeated the process!

Fabric is more absorbent than paper, so we had to dip our feet in the paint more often, but other than that – it was just like last time, fun and fun!!

We walked a big piece of fabric!


Rainbow Walked DIY Apron. This makes such a nice gift for Mom or Granny


And then I finished it off – buy ironing on the paint, giving it a wash and finally making the apron.

I cut this apron from one I already have, but there are so many (free) patterns out there!


DIY Apron. Rainbow Walked gift for Mom


This really does make such a great gift for Mom or Granny! It is useful and so so special!!


Walking Rainbow Aprons. Adorable little gift for Granny or Mom



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