DiY Sparkly Glitter Bubble Bath

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When was the last time you took a good look into some store bought glitter bubble bath?

Buying ready made products for kids that are in any way associated with Disney or some other gimmick can be so expensive – and it does not necessarily mean that they are any good!

Recently on holiday I bought some glitter bubbles as a treat for the kids – and they loved it!

I was really expecting something magical about the glitter inside and some super innovative component that makes this extra special – and expensive!


Sparkly Bubble Bath - sensitive skin approved

Here is the amazing part –  when I started dissecting the glitter = that I thought must be dissolvable and fake – I found regular glitter – like non dissolvable regular craft glitter!!

I then decided to make my own!

I knew it would be a hit – as anything sparkly we LOVE – and of course add a little blue tint and make it like FROZEN, well that is ALWAYS a winner!!

Ingredients for Sensitive skin approved glitter bubble bath

Glitter Bubble Bath – Ingredients and Materials

  1. Bottle (Glass Bottle or Plastic Bottle) to hold the finished product
  2. Bubble Bath – or if you prefer to make wash gel you could also add this. The advantage of choosing your own is that you know what is in it – especially if your child has a sensitive skin. I went for a bubble bath that was slightly pearly in color – but anything clear or white is fine.
  3. Glitter
  4. Food Coloring – if you want to tint it slightly

Making sensitive skin approved kids sparkly bubble bath

Glitter Bubble Bath Method:

    1. Add the desired amount of bubble bath (or wash gel) to a container (I used 1 cup) I used these – because they are great for storage – and gifts!
    2. To this add Glitter – I used a teaspoon of silver and a teaspoon of purple as I was going for Disney Frozen colors
    3. If you want to color it – do so ever so slightly – as you don’t want a blue bath – or child. I used blue food coloring – the tip of a tooth pick amount (really tiny amount.) I use this one as it is very concentrated and goes along way! Food coloring in tiny amounts like this is completely safe and will not stain at all!
    4. Once all ingredients are in the container give it a good shake!

There you have it! Glitter Bubble Bath!

Finished! Great gifts! Great surprises!!

Easy and Cheap. I will be making these as party favors at the end of the month!

Easy and Cheap this kids SPARKLY make it yourself bubble bath is sure to shine!!

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