Drip Painted Air Dry Clay Hearts

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When it comes to hearts I love any hearts that are inspired by James Goldcrown. He is one of my favorite contemporary artists.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we would make ourselves some hearts to give away, so we made these drip-painted air dry clay hearts.

Drip Painted Air Dry Clay Hearts

We used the hearts for a greeting card and we added a few into a jar. A jar full of love!

We made our hearts with air dry clay. Salt dough would also work perfectly! Here is a link to our salt dough recipe...

I love these hearts. They look like two pieces joined together to form a single heart. That is what gave us the idea to make our own – from two pieces of clay.

Supplies to make your own drip painted air dry clay hearts:

Air dry clay or salt dough.

Paint. We used neon paint for extra effect. Any runny paint will do.

In order to squirt the paint, you will need paint in a bottle with a small nozzle or you can decant the paint into your own little bottles.

Side Note: I love the Ikea Mala paint range for this reason – the smaller bottles are absolutely perfect for little hands! Bigger squeeze bottles are too big!

If you want to give someone a jar of love you will of course need a jar. Something like this small mason jar works well!

If you would like to use your hearts as gift cards you will need card stock to fold in half, or you can buy ready-made cards like these.

Drip Painted Air Dry Clay Hearts

How to make your own James Goldcrown hearts:

This is a simple 1-2-3 step process. The picture below shows the three steps.

TIP: Make sure you squeeze the two pieces of clay together well so they don’t break apart!

When your hearts have dried, give them a paint!

We drip painted ours by squirting on paint from a small bottle!

Oh… it was so much fun!

During the summer of last year, we drip painted these pine cones, and ever since we have been addicted to the process!

If you would like to give someone a jar of love, these hearts make the perfect content!

Here are some other Valentines and love themed ideas I think you will enjoy!

Heart-shaped salt dough hangers make the perfect gift or gift wrapping decoration.

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More than 20 child-made Valentine Day card ideas.

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