Easter Basket with Potato Printed Eggs

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This Easter Basket craft is such a lovely idea!

The eggs are fun to print, and putting them all together into a basket works so well!

Using wool to make a lattice like basket is a great idea and is easy enough for any 4+ year old to do.

Younger children will be able to print the eggs – but fiddling with the glue covered wool takes a little more concentration!


Easter Basket with Potato Printed Eggs

The first thing you need to do is print your eggs.

We made ours a day ahead – here is the link to our Potato Printed Eggs…

Children love printing! For some reason the ‘stamp’ stamp’ ‘stamp’ action gives great pleasure. It also allows them to create something fairly definite – painting an egg or stamping and egg – same thing to a 4 year old, but printing is SOOOOOOO much easier – and effective!

So, once your eggs are dry – cut them out – I shadow cut the eggs for my two (4 and 2) but an older child can do this themselves!

Potato Print Easter Baskets

Easter Basket Materials:

Potato Printed Eggs

Wool (or string)

Clear glue – you can use Elmers

White cardboard – we used A3 size to get really big baskets

How to make your Easter Basket

The first thing we did was draw – with pencil – a basket shape.

Making Easter Baskets

Then we stuck all the eggs into the basket – we made sure that all the eggs were stuck well.

It needed a few as they overlapped quite a bit…

Making Potato Print Easter Baskets

When the basket was full – with a few little eggs sticking out over the top, we added the basket.

This we did with wool – you can use string if you like.

We dipped the wool into our glue (that is why we put the glue into a bowl)

With our fingers – this is the best part – we squeezed all the excess glue off and then stuck the wool over the pencil basket outline we had drawn.

Easter Basket


Once the outlines were all covered we added criss cross lattice pieces across all the eggs.

This made the eggs now seem like they were ‘inside’ the basket.

Such an easy – yet very pretty Easter craft!

We love Easter Egg crafts – last year we made GIANT Easter Eggs – something completely different – but if you are looking for more Easter Crafts, this one is a goodie! We also made an Easter Egg Garland – that looked very pretty hanging in our living room! If you are into bath time fun – and enjoy spending hours in the bath – like we do – then this Easter Egg bath time activity is so easy to set up – and so much fun!

Easter Basket with Potato Printed Eggs. This is such a beautiful Easter Craft for Kids - and is so much fun to do!



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