Easter Bunny Card – With Free Printable Templates

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This is a great little Easter Bunny card – and so easy to make, especially since I have included a free printable template!

Let’s get started!!

What do you need?

1. Template

2. A4 thick paper or cardboard. You can print out the template and bunny onto paper and use a strong card for the actual card piece (the blue in my picture).

3. Glue

There are TWO templates to choose from:

1. NUMBER 1 allows you to print directly onto white and pink card, so there are two pages – one for white and one for pink.

2. NUMBER 2 allows you to print out onto any card and then cut out the bits and pieces to use as a stencil. It is only 1 page to download.


Easter Bunny Card - Rabbit in the corner-02
Easter Bunny Card - Rabbit in the corner-03


Easter Bunny Card - Rabbit in the corner-01

When you have all the pieces in front of you:

1. Fold the A4 in half

2. Make your ears first, stick the little pink bits onto the white ears

3. Then assemble the card – without any glue

4. When you are happy with the layout, stick all the bits on!

5. Draw on some eyes and whiskers


The white face is easy to cut on the corner of a sheet of paper – or card – as you get two perfectly straight lines and a 90° angle…

Like this – I used a stencil onto a white card…


One of your ears is going to hang out over the end of the card.

Stick the entire ear onto the card and then trim the bit that extends over the edge.

Enjoy and Happy Hopping Easter!

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