Easter Bunny Juice Box Free Printable

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Cute and easy to make… these Easter Bunny juice boxes are the perfect addition to any Easter themed party!

Perfect for your Easter Table, Classroom, Lunch… anything Easter actually!

We love Bunnies – we have made Handprint Easter Bunny Cards – these were really cute… A Bunny nose and Whiskers so we can go hop hop on our own and we also have a free printable bunny card – this is so easy to make!!


Juice Box Bunny Free Printable

This has been made for a standard juice box size, however there is a little ‘room’ at the bottom to make it longer if your juice box is slightly taller!

How to make your Easter Bunny Juice Box

First Download the Free Printable

Cut it out.

Adjust the length to your own juice box size.

The easiest way to get it onto the box is to match the ears first (they go at the back of the box,) stick the left hand side onto the box and then wrap the remainder around – the face will automatically go into the right place.

To finish off stick or tape the last side down!



There you go, it really is that simple!!

We would love to see you own creations!

You are always welcome to join us on our Facebook Page – and post your own pictures to our wall!

Happy Easter everyone! Hop Hop Hop!!

Easy to Make with FREE Printable - this Easter Bunny Juice Box is the perfect addition for any Easter Party


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