Easter Bunny Nose and Whiskers

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If you are looking for an Easter Craft, this really is such a sweet thing to make – and the kids will play with it for days and days!

Somehow when Emma had a Bunny nose and whiskers she automatically Hop Hop Hopped!


Easter Bunny MATERIALS:

Ice Cream / Craft Sticks

Pipe Cleaners

Pom Poms

Glue Gun (optional)



materials for easter kids craft


Cut 6 pipe cleaner whiskers of equal length.

With a glue gun if you have – and normal glue if you have not – place a big blob of glue about 2cm from the top of one of the ice cream sticks.

First stick on all the whiskers and then add another blob of glue and stick on your pom pom nose – this covers the glue mess underneath!


And then HOP HOP HOP!

Kids Easter Craft - Bunny Nose and Whiskers



Happy Easter everyone!

Hop Hop Hop!!


Such a cute - east to make Easter craft project! Make your own bunny nose and whiskers

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