Easter Carrot Treat Cups for an Easter Morning Breakfast Tray

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It has become tradition in our school to orangise an Easter Breakfast (or lunch) in the week before Good Friday.

The best part about it is that all the children have to make a ‘surprise’ box (shoe box) or tray – or anything really – for a classmate. This ‘surprise’ not only contains all the yummy food for breakfast, but the children make it up and decorate it any which way they like!

I think this is such a great idea. It is not only a highlight in the school calendar, but it teaches children to make something special for someone else, to put yourself in another persons shoes and think about what they would like!

Carrot Treat Cup

This year, my inspiration is going to come straight from Kimaya! Kimaya is the daughter of my very good friend, who has definitely passed on her creative genes to her two little girls = although she will tell you that necessity is the mother of all invention!!

Kimaya, I think your Easter tray is absolutely wonderful my Angel and I definitely am going to use it as inspiration this weekend!

She used bits and pieces from around the house to make it up, added bunnies, a bird house – filled with chocolate milk – and my favorite, Kimaya made Easter Carrot Cups!! Ill show you how to make those in a minute!

But first, look at this!!

Everything was assembled, ready for the morning…

Easter Breakfast Tray

Chocolate Milk was added into the Bird House…

birds house on an Easter Breakfast Tray

Breakfast Croissants were wrapped up and placed into the carrot cups… (along with some Easter Chocolate of course!)

Such a great idea for Easter Morning. This Easter Breakfast tray is a winner

What a great idea!!

Thank you so much Kimaya!!

and Now…

How to make those beautiful carrot cups…

Making and Easter Carrot Cup

You need some orange and green cardboard and a stapler. I used an A4 sized page.

Roll the card into a cone shape and staple.

The green strips can be cute as long or short as you like, they can be exactly the same – or like me, you can cut them free hand…

Join all the green bits together and staple them into the carrot…like this…

Making Carrot Cups for Easter

Then fill it up with whatever you want!!

WE love chocolate!!

Easter Carrot Cup - easy Easter Craft to make - and perfect for an Easter Morning breakfast tray

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