Easter Eggs inspired by The Masters

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Who wants to join us? We are going to make Easter Eggs. 

Easter Eggs inspired by the Masters!

The eggs will, of course, be flat paper/cardboard eggs and not real eggs…

How to make an Easter Egg inspired by The Masters!

What materials do you need?

You can make an egg on paper/cardboard / even the inside of a cereal box would be perfect! 
Just remember that painting onto paper often makes the paper crumple up – so the thicker the better!

There are two things you need to do:
1. Print out your Easter egg template or draw an egg yourself.  Download template here…
If you are drawing your own egg it should take up a full A4 page in size. 

2. Choose an artist to inspire your egg and draw/paint/design an egg in their style. 

For example, if you choose Van Gogh, you could paint an egg filled with sunflowers as we did.

It is good to talk about the inspiration with children.
The back story always adds a different dimension to the art, it makes it more interesting and it brings it alive.

My Little Rembrandt!

I have added some YouTube links to artists and artwork. YouTube is full of documentaries that go into detail about the art style and the artist for you to use – age-appropriate of course.

Once your egg is dry please take a photo and share it with us! 
We would all love to see your art and hear about your inspiration!

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