Easy Cardboard Tube Fireworks Craft

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We have seen this idea so many times and finally decided to give it a try!

WOW!! The results are fantastic, especially when using a black background and bright neon paints!

Digging into the recycling is something we do often and we have created a bunch of great crafts and beautiful art projects with a simple toilet roll or cardboard tube! Here are some other ideas:

The perfect New Year or 4th July Craft!

Materials needed to make great fireworks!

How to make easy cardboard tube fireworks:

This is super easy to do!

  • First, you cut up your cardboard tube. I cut strips two inches long. Fireworks can have different shapes. I think these thin strips work the best.
  • We added white, yellow, red and blue paint to a plate and slowly started dipping the tubes into the paint and printing.
  • Print – Print – Print!
  • Tip. Add a little white to all colors – it makes them stand out on the dark background.

If you liked making these cardboard tube fireworks here are some other easy cardboard tube craft ideas:

Sunflower stamps: A beautiful example of how easy something can be! We created this lovely painting with 3 empty TP rolls!

Flower printing: Cardboard tube flower printing is one of those ideas that have been around for many years and never gets old!

Flower stamp: super easy to make and use and the result is fabulous!

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