Easy Rainbow Roses

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Everyone now and then you hit the jackpot!! These easy rainbow roses are one of those times – this printing activity worked out better than expected and without a doubt are some of the most beautiful flowers we have ever created!

We have used celery to print many times over the years, but never with so many colours!

Celery Printed Easy Rainbow Roses: What do you need?

  • End of a stalk (bunch) of celery. Next time you buy a new one, cut the end off and keep it for the perfect printing moment!
  • Paint. We used acrylic paints – in rainbow colours
  • Paintbrush to add rose stem
  • Carboard or thick paper – white is best to show up the rainbow colors

How to print the perfect Rainbow Roses

  • Place paint in stripe onto a plate – follow the rainbow colours – red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo, violet.
  • I used red, purple, blue, green, yellow (works just as well)
  • Use the end of the celery to print onto the card – the first few times you will have to make sure you have picked up and mixed the paint around a little!
  • TIP: If you have just cut your celery, dab it onto some kitchen towel as it can be a little wet!
  • Once your flowers are finished add stems and leaves
  • Easy!
  • Perfect!
  • Beautiful!

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