Easy Sponge Printed Christmas Card

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Wow! This is easy, and it happens to make the sweetest little Christmas trees that are completely ‘decoratable,’  especially if you like sequins!!!

We love sending our own Christmas cards, it adds an extra something that is completely personal and special!

Decorating a Christmas tree is something that can be done many many times in our house, so when thinking of a card idea, what is more perfect than printing little trees to adorn with all kinds of sparkly!

We made Little Fir Trees – inspired by the book The Little Fir Tree as part of our Christmas Book + Craft Series and they turned out wonderfully – so we thought we would replicate them onto a greeting card production style!!


To make your sponge printed Christmas card you will need:

Sponges – we used basic kitchen sponges

Paint – green tree color!! Any green will do! We used 3 shades!

Plate or smooth surface to put the paint onto

Cardstock or ready made cards – you choose the color, we used white and orange

Clear Glue

Christmas tree decorations – we used sequins and foil stars

How to make Christmas tree cards:

If you are using card stock, fold in half – or cut into the right size, get your cards ready!

Squirt green paint onto a plate ready to print with. We used 3 shades of green, you don’t have to but it’s nice to get a variation!

Cut your sponges into triangles, tall triangles, the size that you want your trees to be.

Print your trees as you wish – we printed a few in a row along the bottom of the card.

When the paint is dry you can glue on your decorations!





This is really easy and kids love the process of both printing and decorating the tree!

I am sure our sponge printed Christmas card is going to travel far and wide this year into post boxes of grannies and grandpas everywhere!

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If you are looking for something a little more child friendly then these Rudolph footprint cards are right up your street – all you need is a shiny nose!

We are joining some fabulous bloggers who are all putting forward their favorite card ideas as part of the Kid Made Christmas Card Series hosted by Mum in the Madhouse. Take a peek!


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