Egg Carton Turtle ReCycled Kids Craft

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This egg carton turtle is both easy and fun to make – and seriously… an egg box does not get much cuter than this!!

The egg boxes come from our “magic box,” which is still our most used craft supply box… I have included a full video instruction at the end of this page!

What do you need to make Egg Carton Turtles?

How did we make our Egg Carton Turtles?

  • First I cut the egg boxes into individual ‘shells’
  • Then I added 3 shades of green paint to a pallet and we got painting…
  • I Used 3 shades as we were trying to create a somewhat mottled effect on the shells…
  • I cut out the underside – an older child can do this themselves.
  • Here is a template for you to download! CLICK HERE…
  • I made sure that there are 2 sizes – as egg box sizes do vary!
Turtle Template Pic-01

A turtle has 2 legs and 2 arms – just like a tortoise – only a turtles arms and legs are shaped like paddles to help them swim!

They also have a little pointy tail at the back.

This picture below is of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle (photo credit David Mark) – it shows you the paddlelike arms and legs…


Then we stuck a shell onto each body and added a pom pom head with small googly eyes!

Very simple to do – and so cute!

We left a day between the egg box painting and the assembly – to let the paint dry!

And here they are: our Egg Carton Turtles!

Egg Box Turtles

This is such a good idea to do when learning about the sea or reptiles!

It is also a FANTASTIC way to start talking about nature conservation – and about protecting the beaches – and no drive areas where the turtles lay their eggs.

Watching turtles hatch and head for the sea is really special – and something you should really try and see in your life! This is such a cute video…

These guys are super cute!

Egg boxes are never going to look the same again!!

Let us know how you get on with this!

We would love to see your turtles! Feel free to pop them onto our Facebook Wall!

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Kids ReCycled Craft Project - Egg Carton Turtles
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