Fall Leaf Scribble Pattern Art

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Fall Leaf Scribble Pattern Art

This fall leaf scribble pattern is perfectly bright and full of color!! I love it when the seasons change and the leaves start turning shades of red and orange and yellow!

I am notoriously known for doodling, I scribble through meetings, phone calls, TV, and just about anytime I have a pen in my hand… apparently really smart people doodle… 🙂 whilst the jury is out on that, I have created this wonderful fall leaf scribble pattern art idea.

It incorporates doodling of course but I have also tried to make use of warm and cool colors to create a contrast between the leaf and the background.

I have included free printable leaf templates to get you started!

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Warm and Cool Colours

Warm and cool colors is a great art or craft lesson for any child 4+. This particular scribble pattern idea is a little more complicated than it seems at face value so I would recommend this one for kids 5 years+.

We have worked with warm and cool colors before making these awesome fish collages.

I used cool colours for the background and warm colors for the leaves. This creates a nice contrast.

The colour wheel below shows you the difference.

For discussion beforehand: warm colors remind us of the sun and fire and cool colors remind us of the sea and water and grass…

Fall Leaf Scribble Pattern Materials

You most likely have everything you need at home!

Markers – both color and black

TIP: A black permanent marker like this one makes it easier to color in without smudging… a regular black marker may smudge when you go over it with color.

Paper or printer card

A free downloadable leaf template – click here to get to all three options. We have a regular leaf, Oak leaf, and a Maple leaf for you to choose from.

Let’s get started!

Making this scribble pattern is very easy… just follow the 4 steps below.

I have also included an instruction video at the end of this page!

Fall Leaf Scribble Pattern Art
  1. Print out the leaf template
  2. Scribble your patterns over the entire page
  3. Color in the blocks that fall inside the leaf in warm colors
  4. Color in the background in blue colors

For fun, we also created a black and white lead with a multi-color background. You can choose not to use warm and cool colors and just go for it!!

Fall Leaf Scribble Pattern Art

Here is a full video instruction for you:

We would love to see your own fall leaves once they are complete!

Pop them on our Facebook Wall or send us a message!

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