Fall Trees with Q-Tip Printed Leaves

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Painting Fall trees with Q-Tip printed leaves is as easy and beautiful as it gets!

The patterns made by the little round tops of the q-tips make the most gorgeous leaves – especially when you bunch them up and print several layers!

We have created a free printable tree template for you to download but you can also paint your own tree! Up to you.

There is also a video instruction at the end of this page!

During the spring we love the cherry blossoms that appear everywhere and have used a similar technique with Q-Tips to create the most beautiful cherry blossom tree, we used single Q-Tips for that – to give little cherry blossom effects.

To print these leaves we bunched about 5 Q-Tips together and secured them with an elastic band. This way bunches of leaves were formed and the result is stunning!

What materials do you need?

  • You can download the tree template for free. Just click on the link under the materials list.
  • Alternatively, you can paint your own!
  • We use paints like these – click here to buy from Amazon
  • Thick paper or cardboard
  • Q-Tips / Ear Buds
Q-Tip Printed Leaves

Once you have painted or printed out your tree it is time to get painting!

Bunch up 5 or so q-tips together, we used an elastic band to tie them together.

Using a selection of fall colored paints (yellow – red – orange) start creating prints onto your tree.

We added some falling leaves and leaves onto the ground too!

These Q-Tip printed leaves are beautiful and easy!

More fall tree ideas:

Printing trees with corks – wonderfully simple!

Foil printed autumn trees – foil makes incredible leaves!

Apple tree printed with sponges and corks. We love a good apple tree crafts!

Walk a big fall tree! This is a wonderful sensory painting experience!

Paint fall trees with big bubbles! Bubbles make great leaves!

Q-Tip Printed Leaves
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