Father’s Day Shirt Origami Card

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Say Happy Father’s Day with this Easy to make – but very cool – Father’s day Origami Card!

There is a little bit of folding to be done – easy to do – just follow the steps! I have provided a full step by step photographed tutorial!


Fathers Day Shirt Origami Card

This is a fantastic activity for a slightly older child, and all those creative Mommies out there!

A younger child can absolutely participate by decorating the finished shirt, and stick on as many buttons as they wish!

Some tips; Use paper of a fine to medium weight. Card can be used, but it makes it quite difficult to fold precisely. Precision is the key, unfortunately with Origami you can’t just fold and hope for the best, you need to try line up corners with corners, edges with edges…


Origami Card Materials:

A4 Paper – we used both plain grey and patterned

Shirt Buttons / Small foam circles to make buttons / Felt to make a tie / other embellishments


Origami Shirt Fathers day Card


How to make an Origami Shirt Card

Lets Start…


Fathers Day Origami Shirt full photo tutorial


Step 1

Use A4 paper upright and fold in half.

Step 2

Unfold paper back to A4 and fold each side into the center fold


Fathers Day Origami Shirt full photo tutorial - easy to do


Step 3

Take the bottom left-hand corner and fold it in to the first fold line. Repeat on the other side

Step 4

Close the folds back up

Step 5

Create the collar by turning the paper over and fold the top portion over about 1cm thick. Turn the paper back over again




Step 6

To create sleeves; Take the bottom side of the paper and fold it up just beyond the upside-down V. Make sure there is a nice crisp fold!


DIY Fathers Day Origami Shirt full photo tutorial


Step 7

Open bottom fold out again. Where the paper joins in the middle of the center V, take the inside point and fold it out to the left side edge of paper, repeat on the other side.

Step 8

Take the bottom of the paper and fold it over to the bottom of the V. Another nice crisp fold!

Step 9

Complete the collar by turning it back over so the collar fold is on the back and fold over both corners to create a triangle shape.





Step 10

Complete the shirt by bringing the bottom end up and tucking it underneath the collar. Press it all flat.

Time to decorate and add a secret message on the inside!

Fathers day message


Such a wonderful Idea!

Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads!

Wonderful Fathers Day Idea. Make this Origami Shirt Gift Card - with a step by step photo tutorial!


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