Fine Motor Play – with Pipe Cleaners and A Cardboard Box

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An easy to set up fine motor play Children’s activity that involves a cardboard box and pipe cleaners! Yes please!

This is a great activity that involves some quiet time and concentration!

It is so easy to set up, Kids love it and it involves using small movements and muscles in the hands!

Playing with a box. Developing fine motor skills and concentration. This is a great indoor quiet activity.

Parents – punch holes into the box – I made my holes with a metal skewer and then pushed a pen through the smaller hole to make it big enough for the pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaners and A box


You can make the holes as big as you want – it is nice however if they fit the pipe cleaner tight – then the pipe cleaner sticks in –  – like the picture here…


Children – time to thread those pipe cleaners through the holes…

This move is called …UNDER…OVER…

Fine Motor Play with Pipe Cleaners and a Box



Simple – Cheap and FUN – and the Fun part counts!! xx


Fine Motor Play

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