Finger Printed Cherry Tree

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We adore making cherry tree art! There is something about a blossom that just says, “SPRING IS HERE.”

We have made similar trees before, once using a similar technique of creating a blue gradient background, and then another time we used this free printable tree template and added beautiful blossoms! We have even made an Easter Egg with cherry trees painted onto the front of them!

Using newsprint for trees works so well! It adds dimesion and texture and is of course abundantly free!!

Cherry Tree Art with Newsprint

What do you need to make this beautiful Cherry Tree?

  • A3 size cardboard/cardstock or the thickest paper you can find
  • Newsprint
  • Paint – we used red & white and mixed shades of pink for the blossoms and blue & white for the background.
  • Little fingers!! (You can also use a paintbrush or Q-Tip/Earbud)

This beautiful blossom tree is made in 3 easy steps!

1. Create a background for your cherry tree

You can do this with a paintbrush or a sponge.

For younger children it is easier with a sponge, this way they just have to wipe once across the paper.

I set up 3 different shades of blue. A light one – almost white, middle blue, and darker blue. We then wiped the paint across our page to form the gradient. Darker at the top.

2. Make a tree

Once your paint is dry it is time to create your tree. We did this with newsprint.

You can tear or cut a bigger tree stump and then add on branches.

3. Paint your blossoms

This is the best part! Now it is time to paint on your blossoms!

We used our fingers to stamp little flowers onto the tree.

I set out 3 different shades of pink. This creates a nice little mix!

Cherry Tree Art with Newsprint
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