Fingerprint Reindeer Christmas Craft

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This Christmas craft idea is a little wonderful, we think these fingerprint reindeer are just too adorable!!

Fingerprints make the cutest little keepsake and are certainly worth making – and keeping!! We turned ours into greeting cards so we can send them in the post!

Older children will be able to do this all on their own. Younger children will need more help! My kids stamped their fingers and I drew on the little reindeer!

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Fingerprint Reindeer Christmas Craft

Supplies needed to make fingerprint reindeer

  • Paper or cardboard/cardstock. We used ready-made white greeting cards with a matching envelope.
  • Brown paint. Make sure it’s non-toxic, most paints are nowadays, but still worth a check!
  • Black marker – a fine one, and a Red marker for the nose. You could of course also use a tiny blob of red paint!

Making this cute little card or craft is easy!

The first step is to print your fingerprints. To make reindeer you need two. One fingerprint that lies horizontally, this is the body and then another for the head.

The head can be looking up, down, sideways… up to you to decide!

Choose how many reindeer you would like on each page or card. We made two. Of course reindeer are social animals and live in herds – so go crazy!!

Once the painted fingerprints have dried finish the reindeer by adding legs, antlers, neck and a tail.

Fingerprint Reindeer

Really cute and simple!

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