Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Trees

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These little fingerprint Christmas Trees make such wonderful decorations – and they are very special too!

We made ours from salt dough, as we wanted them to last for one Christmas – salt dough absorbs moisture, so if you want salt dough to last you need to paint and seal it well!

You can of course also use this air dry clay – great to work with and lasts for ever!

Messy Little Monster also made these trees – and they added the light string onto the little colorful bulbs – and the date at the base! They look cute!

Are you ready?



Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Tree Materials:

Salt Dough – find our recipe here. If you would like to make these with air dry clay that is also a great option (especially if you live in in humid climates where salt dough can get a little soggy if not sealed well)

Christmas Tree Shaped cookie cutter

Paints (we used acrylics)

Sealant – (if you use salt dough and want it to last more than one Christmas). This also adds shine to any painted surface….

Little Fingers

How to make Fingerprint Salt Dough Christmas Trees;

  • Roll out your salt dough onto wax paper about 5mm/0.2 inch thick
  • Using a Christmas Tree cookie cutter cut out your trees
  • On the top of every tree add a small hole for the ribbon – this can be done with a straw
  • With little fingers, carefully push Christmas Lights onto your tree


Making salt dough fingerprint christmas trees

  • Leave to dry or bake in the oven.
  • Salt dough can be baked in the oven on 100°C/212°F for about 3 hours.
  • When the trees are completely dry you can paint them!
  • When the paint is dry if you are using a sealant you can spray that on now.
  • Add ribbon and you are done!

Finger Print Christmas Trees - Easy Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration

These little trees look wonderful on the Christmas Tree and are very special indeed!

We made Salt Dough Decorations for the tree last year and they are so easy to do and so much fun to paint! Give these a try!

Footprints in the tree also make wonderful – special – hanging ornaments!

Here is the link to all our Christmas Ideas and if you are on Pinterest you can find our Christmas Boards Here

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Adorable Christmas Decorations - easy to make. Great Kids Craft Project

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