Fireflies using old plastic Easter Eggs!

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Fireflies made using all those plastic eggs that are left after Easter!

You are going to love this as much as we did!


Fireflies using plastic eggs

These little critters are by far the nicest – littlest – sweetest things we have made, and when their bums light up… well that just brings squeals of happiness!!

You just have to try make some of these!

One of the positives about 100% humidity and a tropical climate are the fireflies that come out at night and really are just amazing every time you get lucky enough to spot some!

We have a bunch of left over Easter eggs lying around, so deciding what to do with them, I saw a post about turning them into a firefly using a glow stick.

We don’t have glow sticks, but we do have lots of little tea lights, the battery kind, so we got making!

Firefly material

Firefly Materials:

  1. Plastic Eggs – you can collect these after Easter or buy them empty from the affiliate link!
  2. Tea lights – with a battery
  3. Cardboard and tissue paper to make wings
  4. Pipe cleaners for legs and feelers
  5. Googly eyes – you could make your own from paper if you like!


An egg usually has a smaller – more pointy side – this is the back side!

The yellow eggs work the best – we also used a purple one, and it glows, but not as well.

Assemble your firefly by sticking 6 legs underneath the egg – I used 3 long pipe cleaners and stuck them in the center, feelers – I used a longer piece as I did the legs and stuck it in the center.

Add wings, which you can make from card or tissue paper (I used both) and eyes.

Making fireflies

And then, the fun part – which I’ll admit even had me excited… turn on your tealight, pop it into the egg, facing backwards, and close the egg!

Fireflies with a glowing bum

A firefly with a glowing bum!

How much fun is that!

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