Flower Art inspired by Kandinsky Flowers

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Flower art inspired by Kandinsky flowers! These collages are an activity that I have been wanting to do for ages and at our art workshop a few weeks back I finally got the chance!

I don’t think that when Kandinsky created a little watercolor and crayon drawing – ”Squares with concentric circles,” as an experiment in color – or color study, did he realize that it would become one of his most recognized works.

I love the way the colored circles interact with each other! The kids loved cutting and sticking and the result was a fantastic little piece of art!



I have this box of ‘left overs’ – this is the time to use it! You are going to want to find bits and pieces of paper or card stock, complementing colors – or not, your choice! I made sure I found both textured, smooth, busy, one tone, shiny and not…

I used green stalks – in principle if you used brown you could make trees!


Once you have assorted everything you need it’s time to get cutting!

We cut as many circles as our fingers could handle – big, small, very big, very small…

This is a wonderful activity to encourage cutting skills!



Once our circles were cut we designed the flowers – without the glue, just built them up to see what colors belong where.

Then we cut green strips for the stalks and stuck them onto the paper.

We stuck all the stalks and then built the flowers!





Flower art seems to be something we keep on coming back to. Flowers just seem to cheer us up!

These Kandinsky flowers would make super greeting cards. We made these on an A3 format – but you could do mini versions for a greeting card front!

If flowers are you thing, here are a few other wonderful ideas:




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