Flower Garden Art Printed with Kitchen Utensils

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Over the years we have learned that you can paint and print with almost anything! A great place to start looking for things to use is the kitchen draw!

We have in the past made our own paintbrushes and painted flowers with rolled-up corrugated cardboard and we often use forks to paint tulips in the springtime! This is the first time that we have created an entire garden from the kitchen!

What is my child learning?

Art that focuses on the process rather than the outcome is called process art.

This piece of art does have a desired outcome – a flower garden, but the way to get there is full of exploration and experimentation! You don’t really know what mark a knife or spoon is going to make until you try! The process of not knowing also shows cause and effect more clearly… “If I do this with the paint and spoon, then this happens…”

Nature allows children to create with their imaginations as nature is not perfect, and there is no wrong! Children don’t like getting things wrong so this is the perfect free art project where anything and everything is possible!!

Children are learning to hold different shaped instruments in their hands and print with them – paint side down. Co-ordination is key! Emma swapped hands a few times when she was painting flowers – to paint on the ‘other side.’

Using kitchen utensils to paint encourages creative thinking! Thinking outside the normal… I wonder what else you can paint with?

What materials do you need to create your own flower garden art?

  • Paper or cardboard. We used a piece of cardboard.
  • Paint or paper for the background. We made a gradient with paper – green grass to blue sky. You can also choose to paint the background, it would look just as lovely!
  • Glue stick – like this one
  • Paint – kids poster paints or tempera paints work a treat!
  • A trip to the kitchen draw. Look for things to make grass and stems and leaves and look for other things to make flowers and butterflies.

If you like this paper gradient effect we made an African sunset for our African shadow drawing exactly the same way – just with red, orange and yellow! Click here to see…

Here is your easy instruction video:

If you enjoyed this flower garden art, here are 5 more wonderful process art ideas for you to try:

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