Flying Hand print Reindeer Craft

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This is a wonderful hand print reindeer craft for children – PLUS it includes a footprint Santa Sleigh!

You can do this individually or with a group of children!

I was lucky enough to have an entire class – so we had many reindeer – they flew across the entire classroom wall!!


Children LOVE this idea! So do I! There is something completely magical about flying reindeer right?!

We love reindeer crafts – here are a few more reindeer inspired kids craft ideas!!

Materials for your Flying Handprint Reindeer:

How to make a magical flying Handprint Reindeer:

  • First you need to make the reindeer by painting your hand with brown paint and stamping it onto a piece of cardboard.
  • Once the handprint is dry you can cut it out – I shadow cut around them – leave space for the antlers and the tail!
  • Reindeer need a red shiny nose, antlers a tail an eye/s and hooves… the children did this themselves – each reindeer now has a completely unique personality!
  • Then you need to make Santa.
  • We painted our teachers foot – the children thought this was very funny!!
  • She stamped it onto her own piece of cardboard.
  • Once the footprint was dry I drew on a Santa and his presents!! Who would have thought that feet make PERFECT sleighs!!
  • Older children can do this by themselves!

We did this in the class so we made lots of reindeer and one sleigh however children can also make their own reindeer with their own footprint sleigh! Each sleigh could have 3 or so reindeer…

I stuck string onto the wall before I hung up the reindeer so they could all be ‘joined’ together to create this magic flying reindeer art!



Footprint Reindeers also work a treat – here is a very cute art or gift card idea! All you need is a shiny nose!

You know what else make great reindeers – – – ? Fingerprints! Here is a gift tag idea!

No Cook Chocolate and Cherry Reindeer Play Dough! This kept my two busy for hours!!

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