Footprint Christmas Tree Card Craft for Kids

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Footprint Christmas Tree! The perfect card for kids to decorate!

Footprints are a wonderful way to add something special to a greeting card! They can sometimes be a little ‘tickly’ to paint but are a wonderful activity to do together with your children!

Once the ‘Christmas Tree’ has dried you can decorate them however you like! We used decorations from the craft box on one tree and fingerprints on another!

Material list for your Footprint Christmas Tree Card

How to make a Footprint Christmas Tree Card

Gather all your materials and get ready…

Little feet are really tickly so you want to apply the paint as fast as possible… you also want to make sure that your child is sitting/standing near the paper you want to print the footprint onto as it is hard work carrying a child – one foot painted – across the room. We always sit on a chair and put the paper under it – so once the foot is painted we just need to stand up!

The biggest part of a Christmas Tree is at the bottom – so the toes go down onto the cardboard when you are printing.

Cover the foot with paint – enough to cover well, and then stand / print the footprint onto your cardboard. Be careful not to put all the weight onto the painted foot as it can be slippery and you don’t want to squash all the paint out… a gentle foot press…

The footprint – your Christmas Tree – now needs to dry. Overnight is always a good idea!

When dry, decorate as you wish:

  • Decorate with an assortment of shiny things from your craft box
  • Add a string of lights – draw on the string with a black marker and add the little fingerprint lights
  • Add buttons
  • Draw decorations onto the tree with markers…

All that is left is to writ a special message from someone you love and pop it into the post… I still enjoy receiving actual posted Christmas Cards!!

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