Footprint Penguin Christmas Craft Idea for Kids

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Amazing little footprint penguin craft for Christmas! These make the best greeting cards and are so much fun to do!

We love painting our feet…even though it can be a little tickly!!

It can be a little difficult to paint feet and print from a sitting position – you end up picking up and carrying children across the room with one painted foot!! Make sure before you start you have everything you need on hand, including paper towel and a cloth to wipe the foot clean afterwards! TIP: If your child is old enough to work with instructions it is easier to work with them standing!!

Materials to make a footprint penguin

  • Cardstock, we used white to paint on and a selection of colours and patterns for the greeting card background. Turing the penguins into a greeting card is optional of course… It is sometimes easier to use ready-made greeting cards like this one if you prefer.
  • Black and white paints
  • Black marker and coloured markers to draw hats and scarfs etc (if you wish to draw them)
  • Felt and foam to make hats and scarfs and ear muffs like we did.
  • Buttons and pom poms for buttons – optional of course you could also draw these on.

Instructions to make a footprint penguin greeting card

  • First, you need to paint your footprint. Cover the foot completely with black paint, stamp and wait for your footprint to dry!
  • Once dry, paint on the belly. The penguin needs a white belly that runs all the way up to the face – see picture
  • Once the belly is dry you can add eyes, mouth and a nose – we made an orange paper nose
  • Draw on your their black wings
  • Then give them clothing! Buttons, a hat, a scarf, ear muffs…

If you lovely painting tickly little feet as much as we do then here are some other footprint inspired ideas for you:

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