Footprint Snowman – Let it Snow – Christmas Card

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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow… or so it goes!!

Fingers, fingerprints and feet make the best snow people! Our handprint snowmen card idea was so well received we thought we would make a footprint snowman!

As always, when painting feet with children, you want to apply the paint as fast as possible… you also want to make sure that your child is sitting/standing near the paper you want to print the footprint onto as it is hard work carrying a child – one foot painted – across the room. We always sit on a chair and put the paper under it – so once the foot is painted we just need to stand up!

What materials do you need to make a Footprint Snowman Christmas Card?

  • Cardboard/Cardstock – we used blue. You can also use ready-made greeting card, which is sometimes a little easier!
  • White paint – non-toxic of course
  • A tickly and willing foot…
  • Markers to add eyes, nose, scarf and hat – if you want to draw it on or felt or paper to make scarf and hat if you would like to stick it on
  • Have a look at the shoopping list below for help!

How to make Footprint Snowmen – or Snowpeople… some of ours are girls!!

Paint your foot white and print your footprint onto the cardboard or readymade greeting card.

Let it dry overnight and then add eyes, mouth and a carrot nose! Hat and scarf can all be drawn onto the snowman or you can cut shapes out with paper or felt!

Sending handmade greeting cards at Christmas time definitely adds to the magic!! Here are some more super cute ideas:

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