Free Olympic Play Dough Mat Printables

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These free Olympic play dough mat printables are so handy for those rainy days and indoor quiet moments where you are looking for a play prompt or idea for your kids!

I have created 4 fabulous printables for you to download and use.

  • An Olympic Torch
  • Medals
  • Olympic Rings
  • 1-2-3 place podium

Adding details with play dough has many benefits and the rolling and squashing and squishing dough onto the mats will encourage coordination and fine motor skills – so important for handwriting later on!

You can use the mats as is or slide them under a transparent table mat or placemat, this way you can use them many times!

I used white printer paper. If you plan to use them more than once in a classroom setting for example, a laminator works well too!

Download them here…

Looking for play dough recipes?

We have so many wonderful recipes for you to choose from, starting with our favorite,

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