Free Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats

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It is always a good time to play with play dough and during the holidays these Christmas play dough mats are going to provide lots of squishy – squashy – rolling – patting – cutting – pressing and printing play dough fun!

We do love our play dough and have many recipes that you can make.

This Christmas themed Peppermint Dough smells wonderful! Time and time again we go back to our favorite – it is so easy to make and will last for months!

Play dough mats are a wonderful idea to add every now and then. They are like 3D drawing prompts. When children have play dough mats in front of them they use play dough in a slightly different way to how they would normally approach a ball of dough.

Put a ball of play dough front of a child and their first instinct is to roll it, squash it and cut something out. With play dough mats they think a little more carefully about what needs to go onto the picture and use the play dough as a 3D drawing tool, a little more specific and focused.

I prefer younger children to ‘just play,’ but play dough mats every now and then do shake things up a little, and are also a great addition to creative thinking and sensory play!


The photos in this post are a little dark as we were playing at night – so please excuse the photo quality!

What do you need to make Christmas play dough mats?

  • Download these free printable mats – they are A4 size
  • You can play straight onto the paper once or twice, or you can laminate them as I did and then you will be able to use them much longer. Buy a laminator here (US) (UK)
  • Play dough – make this recipe or buy some here (US) (UK)
  • Play Dough Tools – I always keep a selection of rollers, cutters and printing items available (US) (UK)




Each picture – above – prints out onto its own A4 page!

Download and get playing!

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