Frozen Bath Eggs

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OK, I will admit… this Frozen Bath Egg activity is so simple – and so easy to set up I am almost embarrassed to post it here!

It was just so much fun though, and I wanted to share this idea for inspiration – you can do this too!

My kids LOVED this – it kept them busy well over 30 minutes and they were engrossed with both the ice and the sparkles…

From time to time I let to set up a surprise in the bath – like these frozen eggs we did around easter, or this halloween spiders and flies bath – soon many screams!!

We have also spent many nights painting with our homemade bath paint, this recipe is so easy and great fun!!

Sparkly Frozen Bath Time Fun

We are still frozen mad around here and after our frozen DiY sparkly bath bubbles were such a huge success I thought about something else that follows the same theme and will create some bath time fun!!


  1. Balloons
  2. Blue food coloring
  3. Sparkly things – I used silver and blue sequins. I used sequins so they could fish them out the bath after the eggs have melted!

Making Frozen Eggs

How to make Frozen Eggs…

  • First you need to add your sparkles to an empty balloon
  • Fill the balloon up with water – you can make them any size you want – and tie them closed
  • Sick them in the freezer overnight – so the eggs are frozen solid

I set up the bathroom to add atmosphere – and things to play with…

Frozen Eggs

I added the smallest amount of blue food coloring to the water

I also added glitter and shiny stones to the bath

Then I opened the eggs – by cutting off the balloons

Our Frozen Bath was ready!!

Bath Time Eggs

My two played with the eggs as long as they existed.

The warm bath water slowly melted them – which added to the delight – as the eggs melted so more and more sequins were released from the ice and landed in the water!

“”oooooooh”” cold…

Frozen Eggs for the Bath

It does not get more simple than this!
Really – give it a try, takes a few moments to make the eggs to stick into the freezer and the kids love it!

We love bath time fun – here are many more ideas – LOTS MORE CLEAN FUN!!

Pin for later!…

Sparkly Frozen Bath Time Fun - great idea to add a little sparkle and play in the bath - themed to Frozen - this is just as big a hit as the movie!





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