Gingerbread Man Footprint Christmas Craft and Greeting Card Idea

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Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man!

And how many have we eaten!! Until now however we have never crafted or draw one – and footprints make great gingerbread men – or woman!!

Just in case you are looking for other footprint inspired Christmas ideas… here are a few;

Gingerbread man Footprint Materials;

  • White cardstock to print the footprints onto – white shows up brown footprints best!
  • Brown Paint
  • White paint for the eyes – alternatively you can use a white marker
  • I painted the buttons – you could use real buttons that you have lying around – or pompoms – like we did here with our snowman
  • Black markers
  • Foam sheets or Felt – something to make gloves with – and a bow tie – optional of course

How to make your Gingerbread Man;

  • First, paint your tickly feet! Little feet are really tickly so you want to apply the paint as fast as possible… you also want to make sure that your child is sitting/standing near the paper you want to print the footprint onto as it is hard work carrying a child – one foot painted – across the room. We always sit on a chair and put the paper under it – so once the foot is painted we just need to stand up!
  • Once the paint is dry you can start decorating!
  • If you are going to turn it into a greeting card, this is the time to stick it onto the background or card – it is harder to do that once decorated!
  • We added little gingerbread arms
  • Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Buttons… as you wish. You can paint them on or draw them on – alternatively, you can stick googly eyes on, or use real buttons…
  • Gingerbread men have cold hands – so we made gloves using a piece of foam cut out!
  • And to end off he needed to be smart, so we gave him a bow tie!

Looking to make REAL gingerbread men? Here is a easy to make Christmas Cookie recipe!

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