Glitter Sidewalk Paint

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Glitter Sidewalk Paint-05


A few days ago, inspired by sunshine we painted outdoors! Today, after adding a whole bunch of glitter, we had to do it all over again! This time with sparkles!

So while Emma was having her midday nap I mixed up some fun!!

I used 1 part cornflour (cornstarch) and 1 part water. (I used a cup of each) This makes the base paint. Once mixed I divided it into a cup cake tray and squirted a little watercolor paint into each. Then I added the sparkles! I tried to use the corresponding glitter for each color. I used quite a lot of glitter!

Glitter Sidewalk Paint-06

I don’t know who was more excited to paint with glitter, Mom or Emma!!

Let the painting begin – and it did!!!

Glitter Sidewalk Paint-03

First we painted the paving, Emma enjoyed the scale – a very big surface to paint on makes her happy! Then she decided it’s best to add sand from her sandpit, so she brought that over in tiny cups and added it to the masterpiece! Then, we painted sand and dropped paint in little dots onto the sand, and watched it roll off – as paint does on sand!

Glitter Sidewalk Paint-02


Emma enjoyed this activity all afternoon, she kept on going back outside to “add” some more!

Thanks The Imagination Tree for the inspiration xxx this is something we will definitely have to do again, perhaps with squeeze bottles!

I did not manage to capture the glitter sparkling in the photos – but in the sunlight it was there, it’s a wonderful effect! A cautionary note, I know my watercolor paint does not stain as I have used it before, you can also add food coloring instead of paint, works just as well, but with both options I would test a little patch first, just to make sure you don’t end up with permanent art!

Glitter Sidewalk Paint-04

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