Growing Activity for Kids – Microgreen Trolls

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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Fun, educational, and delicious, this microgreen growing activity for kids is a must-try. Kids and microgreens go so well together – a perfect pairing if you ask me. Both love, water, sun, and dirt! Haha though, our growing activity does not use dirt although you can most definitely use it if you like, and grow the greens in a larger container.  

Because we love a science and art combo, oh and Disney as well, we decided to pair this growing activity with a Disney themed art project. Using recyclables found around the house, we made these Frozen inspired trolls and gave them some microgreen hair.  How cute are these? 

Microgreen Trolls - Growing Activity for Kids

Microgreens are a fun and easy way to start a mini garden, indoors or outdoors. Requiring minimal supplies, space, and effort, microgreens let you and your little ones witness the miracle of seeds coming alive and growing into delicious and nutritious snacks in just a few days. Even the green haters will want to try these greens. It is a great way to sneak in some healthy greens while learning and having loads of fun! 

Recommended age: 4 years + (Active supervision is always advised with my activities)

How to create the Microgreen trolls – A growing activity for kids

Microgreen growing activity for kids Materials

For the Microgreens:

  • A shallow plate or a dish
  • Cotton pads
  • Microgreen seeds such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, alfalfa seeds, or others
  • Water
  • Warm spot by the window for sunlight

For the troll bases:

Microgreen growing activity for kids instructions

The set up for this microgreen growing activity for kids is simple. See the directions below or check out the video for the instructions and observe your little seed grow into a delicious microgreen.

To grow the microgreens:

  • Cut a cotton pad into 2 or 4 pieces, depending on the size of the head of your troll. For example, for egg carton trolls we made 4 pieces but for toilet paper roll trolls we made 2 pieces. 
  • Place them on a plate or dish
  • Sprinkle some seeds on the cotton pads
  • Spray some water on it and place it by a well-lit window. 
  • Now watch them sprout!

NB: You will need to water your plant daily. The microgreen will take between 7-10 days to grow. 

To make the Trolls:

  • Cut the base of an egg carton (one cup) to make one head
  • Using recycled paper, shape your ears and nose. The ears do not have to be proportional and the nose can be as big as you like, that is what makes these trolls so cute and awesome. No one troll will look the same. 
  • Stick the ears and nose onto the egg carton head. 
  • Mix black and white paints to create a stone-like grey color. Paint over the whole head, ears, and nose. Let dry.
  • Once dry, add in any details that you like. We added some eyes, a mouth, teeth, eyebrows, and some lines on the ears. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. Just let your imagination go wild and have some fun. Once done, let it dry. 
  • Your trolls are now ready for some hair transplants – the microgreens. 

Here you have two options:

  1. You can do a hair transplant by attaching the microgreens after they have grown, or…
  2. You can let the hair grow on the head directly by placing the prepared cotton pads on the head. 

We tried option #1 in the video.

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are young seedlings or what I like to call “baby plants” of edible plants (kale, radishes, alfalfa, flax, chia) that are harvested shortly after germination when the first few leaves are grown. 

Just like humans, plants have their own life cycles! They start off as tiny sprouts (growth time: ~2 – 4 days), then grow into microgreens (growth time: ~7-10 days), which then turn into baby greens (growth time: ~2-3 weeks) and finally to adult greens (growth time: ~1-2 months).

This microgreen troll – a growing activity for kids, allows us to experience the earliest stages of growth, however, if the little minds are curious to grow them further then go for it. At this point, I would transfer the cotton + microgreens to the soil for more nutrients and space to grow. 

Happy Growing! 

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About the Author:

Shahzia Vira from Little Steam Learners

Shahzia is a science educator who is passionate about hands-on learning and STEAM education. She is the founder and creative content creator of Little Steam Learners  learning platform for hands-on activities to try in classrooms or at home.

Visit her here on Instagram – Facebook or Pinterest

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