Hama Bead Beehive with Finger Print Bees

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Melty Beads (Hama Beads) are a great way to make a beehive stencil!!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Hello!

Melty Bead (Hama Bead) Craft for Kids. Make a beehive - and fingerprint bees.

We are all about Bees right now and therefore I was thinking of a way to make a hexagon shaped printing device, and this is the result!

I used Hama/Melty Beads. It worked very well, and the prints turned out fantastic!

I built the hexagons:


Make your own Bee Hive Stamp using melty beads


I melted them together:


Hama Bead Bee HIve


I reinforced the stamp with some sturdy card – if you are going to use it over and over again it may even be a better idea to use plastic so you can wash it.


DIY Hama Bead Bee Hive Printing


I cut out the beehive shape and then we printed. Sometimes the prints overlapped and did not join exactly, but thats what gives our beehive character!

Hama Bead Bee Hive and Finger Print Bees

When the beehive was dry Emma added her fingerprint bees to the hive and I finished it off for her by drawing on wings and eyes and feelers! Of course an older child can do this by themselves!

The texture of this stamp really works!


DIY Beautiful Melty Bead Bee Hives with Finger Print Bees


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