Handprint Easter Bunny

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Hand Print Easter Bunny


Handprint Easter Bunny! Cutest Easter card ever!!

This is a fantastic little Easter Craft project for kids of all ages – and the best part is that these turn into the best greeting cards to send off to Granny!!

We love painting with our hands and feet – they made great stamps!!

This is such a simple idea, but really really cute!

Hand Print Bunny Materials:

Card Stock

Non-Toxic Paint

Googly Eyes

String – for whiskers

Pom Pom Noses



First, we printed our hands. We made sure only to put paint onto our hand and 2 fingers, Ruby Ring and Peter Pointer!

These fingers make the best ears!!


Bunny Easter HandPrint


Then, once the paint was dry we added eyes and whiskers and a nose – in that order. (The nose covers up the ends of the whiskers!).

We used googly eyes, but you could make your own or paint them on!

We used both pom-poms and felt for noses! Your choice!


Easter Handprint Craft



Other wonderful foot and handprint painting ideas:

Footprint Flowers – great Mother’s Day gift!

Butterfly with footprint wings

Walking rainbows – this we could do all-day

In Autumn we also walked trees!

We turned rainbow walking into this great Christmas Gift…

Footprint painted reindeer!





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