Handmade Crayon Christmas Tree Decoration

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This is the perfect Christmas Craft!


This fun activity doubles up as a Christmas Tree Decoration and a gift!

We really enjoy making our own crayons, it is so easy to do and you get to clean out that old crayon box – you know the one with all the little bits and pieces!!

Crayon Christmas Tree Decorations - Easy DiY Christmas Craft and Ornament and Gift in one!


  • Wax Crayons
  • String
  • Metal or Silicone Moulds – or cup cake pans

How to make Crayon Christmas Tree Decorations?

Sort the crayons into colors!

Crayons are not absolute colors, so if they melt into each other they don’t really blend – blue and yellow crayons are not going to turn out green, they are going to go brown! So try to use like colors, this works well!

Making Crayon Christmas Balls

  • Add a layer of crayons to the pan or mould and then pop on the string – used to hang on the tree! I left the middle row in the pan empty to place the strings…
  • I used about 15cm string… Make yours as long as you like!
  • Once the string is in place, add another crayon layer over the top – so the string is hidden in the middle.
  • Then pop it into the oven. (150°C / 300°F) and watch it!
  • I literally sat in front of the oven…
  • Depending on the pan – metal or silicone the time varies… mine took about 5 minutes.
  • I melted them until all the crayons had completely melted – and then I took them out.
  • You don’t want to leave them for longer than necessary if you have more than one color – it will all just go brown.

Making Christmas Crayon Balls

Take it out the oven and set it aside until they have hardened.

I took mine out after about an hour.

As they harden they pull away from the sides and just pop out!

Crayon Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beautiful little Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Great Christmas Craft!

Brilliant Kids Christmas Gifts!!

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Make your own Christmas Tree Decorations - with Crayons! The perfect ornament and gift in one! Easy to make - perfect kids craft project



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