Handprint Parrot – Easy Kids Craft Activity

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Handprint Parrot - Easy Kids Craft Idea to make today

So what do you know… handprints make the best tail feathers!!

This wonderful handprint parrot craft is so easy to set up and complete – and what’s more, there is very little mess involved!! Just the kind of simple idea you need for a rainy afternoon!

We love creating with hands and feet – it normally involves so much more paint, like these handprint owls or this handprint Easter Bunny. Footprint walked rainbows was a big hit and there are 20 wonderful hand and footprint pumpkin crafts here – perfect for the autumn season!

Parrots can be any colour and their tail feathers can come in many shapes and forms, so that’s the good news – there is no right and wrong to this craft idea and you can select any colours!

What do you need to make these Easy Handprint Parrots?

  • Selection of bright thick paper or cardstock/cardboard colours
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes – or you can make/draw on your own
  • A cute little tail feather hand stencil

Step by step directions:

  • Each parrot needs at least 5 feathers, start by tracing around your child’s hand – or get them to do it.
  • Cut out all your hands. TIP: give one of your hands a little longer arm – and use this as the first feather you add to the parrot – as we did with our red feather – see the video for a proper guide!
  • To make the parrot’s body you can cut out a figure of 8. I used a full-sized A4 paper. Download the free template here.
  • Once you have completed sticking on all the handprint feathers, add an eye – we used a googly eye. You could also draw it on with a black pen.
  • The parrot’s beak can be added first or last – as you wish. Download the free template here.

Shopping list:

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