Heart-Shaped Salt Dough Hangers. A Perfect Valentine’s Day Trinket.

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Heart-shaped salt dough hangers make the perfect gift or gift wrapping decoration.

Salt dough also happens to be our favorite go-to fun activity. So easy to make and you can create the most beautiful things! If you want salt dough to dry and then last forever, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure that they do last, salt dough can go soggy, especially if you live in a humid environment.

HERE is the link to our best salt dough recipe and all the tips you need to make your creations last.

We use salt dough a lot at Christmas time, so we thought why not make some up for the season of love.

These little hearts make wonderful gifts to give to someone you love. They also make fantastic gift decorations to add a little something extra special and homemade.

Of course, they make great Christmas decorations too. Why not give them to someone you love at Valentine’s Day and they can keep them safe until the tree goes up!

Heart-Shaped Salt Dough Hangers. The Perfect Valentine's Day Trinket.

Heart-shaped salt dough supplies;

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To make these wonderful salt dough gifts you need;

Beautiful hear-shaped salt dough Valentine's Day gifts

How to make your own hearts:

Once you have made your salt dough, roll it out to about 0.2inch / 0.5cm thick.

Using your cookie cutters or a heart shaped template, cut out your hearts.

Add a hole to the top of the heart – using a straw is the easiest way.

Leave them to dry. It will take a day or two.

The next step is to cover them with glitter. I layered on the Mod Podge and then sprinkled glitter onto the top.

Once dry I added string, then beads to the string, and I was done!

TIP: tie a knot between the beads to separate them out.

We used ours to decorate gifts.

So beautiful!

Easy slat dough gift hangers - a great kids activity

Here are other salt dough ideas we think you may enjoy:

Make your own salt dough pinch pot. These little creations also make wonderful gifts.

Salt dough tea lights, would also make a great Valentine’s or birthday gift.

Salt dough beads. Create your own jewellery with this clever little idea.

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