Herbal Discovery Bath!

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This herbal discovery bath time sensory experience really makes for good fun and learning – and your bathroom is going to smell great!

Emma (2) is really enjoying ‘smells’ at the moment! She speaks both English and Dutch, and at times she gets things a little mixed up. She uses the word ‘noise’ for a smell. If she smells something she says, “What’s that noise?” It is almost so cute I don’t want to correct her!!

In our attempt to emphasize smell I created a ‘herbal bath’ for her.

Herbal Discovery Bath Time Sensory Fun for Children! They will love this bath experience - and so will you!

We picked our herbs from the garden and pots outside

– she got to exercise her cutting skills – which she loves – she cuts anything, just loves it!


Picking Herbs from the Garden

Once our little bowl was full, we arranged them to look pretty!!

(She likes order – unlike me or her Dad! Must be Granny’s DNA there somewhere!)

Herbal Bath-04



Then we put them in the bath and filled it up with warm water!

I could smell the basil immediately!


She explored the herbs, I showed her that if she rubbed the leaves they would smell stronger!

She loved this – especially the mint!

Herbal Discovery Bath Time Fun


All in all a most enjoyable bath, full of exploration and fun! I even jumped in later!

Smells good!!

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