High Chair Activities and Play Ideas for Baby and Toddler – 50+ Ideas

All activities must be supervised by an adult. This post may contain affiliate links.

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A while back I collected some great ideas to keep your little ones entertained whilst in the high chair and it received so much positive feedback that I’ve decided to expand the list with 50 more high chair activities!

In an ideal world you want your baby or toddler to be able to move around freely. The reality of everyday life is that sometimes you need to contain them for those moments when you need both hands!

My babies were always next to me in their high chair when I was cooking. The result is I now have two kids who love to spend time with me in the kitchen when I cook – that used to be our “talking time” … and still is!

Often I get asked what is the best high chair? In my opinion, I am 400% convinced that the correct answer is: THE ONE THAT IS EASIEST TO CLEAN.

Two high chairs spring to mind! The Stokke Tripp Trapp and the good old Ikea Antilop!!

High Chair Activities: A few tips:

  • You want to set up activities that are not going to end up on the floor in seconds! Things get thrown and pushed off the high chair table – and often THAT becomes the game – not ideal whist you are trying to get something done! So stick things down, clip things on…
  • A high chair tray table works great, but a kitchen counter/dining table works even better. If the counter and the high chair work at the same height the space on the counter/table is bigger.
  • ALWAYS keep your baby/toddler strapped in. They learn to stand up in the high chair overnight!!
  • Some of the activities suggested include things that may be a choking hazard. You need to plan according to your child and their age

Art suggestions: creating art in the high chair

High Chair Games

  • Postman Pat – an easy homemade toy that will keep the little one busy for many minutes!!
  • Stuff the OBall Heuristic Play // Little Worlds big Adventures – you may want to tie the ball onto the chair…
  • Colander Pipe Cleaner Play – part Fine Motor practice and part fun // Hello Wonderful
  • Q-Tip game – a fun baby activity // Happily Ever Mom
  • It is never to early to start reading. A touch and feel book will always keep your little one busy! Our most loved and used book was a plastic bath book called Katie the Kitten – SUCH a good idea for kitchen/dinner time. Bath books can be wiped and cleaned, so no problem when dinner gets smeared!!
food ideas for baby & toddler in the high chair

Interesting things to eat in the high chair

Sensory play high chair activities for babies and toddlers.

All the paint recipes above totally count for sensory play!! Additionally, if you are prepared to clean up a little mess after, here are a few more wonderful sensory inspired suggestions:

Some great play dough recipes:

Play dough is always a winner! It is easy to make and you can theme it to the season! Try these play dough recipes to get you started – play dough is a great high chair activity!

Fine Motor Skill High Chair Activities

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