Hole in One Breakfast Roll

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Hole in One Breakfast. This is the perfect breakfast recipe when cooking for lots of people!



I love this idea! Why? Because it is a great way to cook a hot fabulous breakfast for a family or large number of people – ALL AT ONCE!

EVERYTHING goes into the roll and EVERYTHING goes into the oven!

(the mushrooms on the plate above are just to make my photograph look nice…) There are plenty mushrooms inside too!!


So what do you need?

1. Rolls with a hardish crust

2. Filling of your choice – you want to always add cheese on the top to finish it off!


I used Brown Pistolet Rolls, Mushrooms, Eggs and Gruyere Cheese on top. Into some of the rolls I also added bacon.


ingredients for all in one breakfast roll



To prepare your filling you need to think about cooking times. The rolls will essentially be in the oven for no more than 10 minutes, so things that will take longer to cook, like onions or peppers need to be cooked (or there about) before hand. This part can all be done in advance!


First I cut a hollow out my rolls


Breakfast for big groups. Hole in one


Then I added my (cooked) mushrooms, bacon into some, an egg and topped it all of with grated Gruyere Cheese.


gruyere, Bread Eggs, Mushrooms. The perfect hole in one breakfast!


I put them into a preheated oven (200°C / 392F ) for 10 minutes.

I finished them off under the grill, to crisp up the cheese!


All in One breakfast. Perfect when you are making breakfast for tons of people


The family ate them all!! A tested and approved family breakfast!


All in One breakfast. Perfect when you are making breakfast for lots of people




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