Home Decor – Kids Craft Project – Fall Sticks

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This is my kind of DiY project, a Kids craft idea that can be done by toddlers – – and looks like a professional completed it!

Making fall sticks is fun, therapeutic and creates the most wonderful entrance hall home decor!

Fall Sticks - great kids autumn - fall craft project

Fall Sticks – Autumn Sticks

Great Childrens Painting Activity and Home Decor Idea - Autumn Fall Sticks

So Simple! So pretty!!

A few weeks ago we painted sticks that we found in the garden. Random sticks = random colors – we just went for it! The kids loved it, it really took their imaginations!!

This time I bought sticks as I had a specific look in mind and wanted ‘thinnish’ drift wood looking branches to make an arrangement in the entrance.

Fall Sticks

I bought (already primed) white sticks – really cheap!

Then we painted a base coat with acrylic paints – fall colors.

Then once that layer was dry – the next day – we painted over it with gold and glitter acrylic paints.

Painting Fall Sticks. Great Kids Craft Project

So all in all, a little more work than just painted sticks for the fun of it – but totally worth it.

If you can not get white painted or primed sticks then (if you want them to last) you are going to want to spray on a primer first. Painting onto white also makes the Fall / Autumn color paints pop!!

Fall - Autumn Sticks



We really enjoyed painting these sticks – the kids especially!

They enjoy projects that allow them to paint without lines and objectives – and painting sticks is one of those where we can just smear paint all over the place until it is covered!

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Home Decor that anyone - including toddlers - can do! Fall sticks!

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